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Amateurs de viandes rouges ? Le SAFARI GATE est la bonne adresse pour vivre un véritable séjour gourmand. Juteux à l'intérieur, croustillant à l'extérieur et tendre, savourez nos grillades en famille ou entre amis

Rôti de chèvre

Grande Faim


Saveurs d'afrique

Filet de poisson
Coeur fondant

Délices du Lac

Envie sucrée



Indissociable de nos légumes fait maison et concocté avec amour, faites l'expérience de la douceur africaine avec ce plat moelleux, très savoureux, idéal à partager entre amis ou en famille

Rôti de chèvre

Grande Faim


Saveurs d'afrique

Filet de poisson
Coeur fondant

Délices du Lac

Envie sucrée



Frais et savoureux, éveillez vos papilles en découvrant notre filet de poisson braisé, véritable trésor du lac Tanganyika et notre coup de cœur culinaire par excellence

Rôti de chèvre

Grande Faim


Saveurs d'afrique

Filet de poisson
Coeur fondant

Délices du Lac

Envie sucrée



Laissez vous séduire et fondez pour un fondant: Il vous sera difficile de résister à notre recette chocolatée au coeur coulant

Rôti de chèvre

Grande Faim


Saveurs d'afrique

Filet de poisson
Coeur fondant

Délices du Lac

Envie sucrée

Découvrez notre cuisine raffinée , soigneusement préparée à partir de produits frais, locaux et surprenez vos papilles de saveurs d’Ici et d’Ailleurs

Jours Ouvrables

Lundi – Dimanche

Heures d'ouverture

06:00  – 22:30 

Nos Prix

$10 – $30

Ou appelez-nous: +(257) 22 21 47 79

Restaurant "Les Paillottes"

8.00 – 22:00 

Maxi Brochette de boeuf garnie

Beuf tendre / Origan / Jus de citron

Sangala aux fines herbes

Filet de Sangala / Beurre / Herbes aromatiques


Boeuf haché / Oignon / Curry

Mini-boulettes de boeuf

Boeuf haché / Paprika / Ail


12:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Fried Chiken

Chicken / Rosemary / Lemon

Belgian Waffle

Veggie / White Sources

Salmon Steak

Mushroom / Veggie

Eggs Tomato

Mushroom / White Sources

Restaurant "Rooftop"

8:00  – 23:00 

Cheese Burger

Steack haché de boeuf / Fromage fondu

Fondre pour un Fondant

Coeur coulant de chocolat

Chiken Tikka Massala

Blanc de poulet / riz basmati aux épices indiennes / Curry

Salade Mabuja

Ce qu'ils disent de nous

Toby C

Monroe, Connecticut

Carlo Tacconelli

oseto Degli Abruzzi, Italy

Naples, Florida


This hotel was selected for a colleague and myself by someone else. I could not ask for a better place to stay. I'm used to staying in less expensive hotels when traveling through Africa but had no complaints about the luxury of this hotel. Dining on the shore of Lake Tanganyika in the evening and first thing in the morning cannot be beat. The bed was comfortable, the room clean and the ambient was quiet. What more do you need for an excellent night's sleep? Recommend without reservation.

Spent a couple of nights there, it is a very warm welcoming place far from Bujumbura's mess. Rooms are big and clean, and showers have hot water, which is not very common in town.
My room had direct access to the swimming pool and even the gym is fine and well equipped.
Lastly, this hotel has a beautiful terrasse with professional staff that will invite you to get the best possible food experience to enjoy the view.

We stayed twice and enjoyed the hotel. Rooms were comfortable ( though our A/C did not work right the first night or we could not figure out how to make it cooler but we did not notice till the middle of the night.) I like that there are 2 restaurants to choose from and we enjoyed our meals at both restaurants. The beach restaurant should have a house wine by the glass but the pizza was quite good.
We had great WiFi even in the room which was really nice.

Fred Gathungu K

Nairobi, Kenya

Kris Berw

Ghent, Belgium

Santa Monica,


Very nice hotel. Spacious grounds in a wonderful location close to the beach. Breakfast by the lake was awesome. For those who swim for exercise, the pool is incredible. Should have carried my costume! Also has a nice gym. I wonder if some rooms have overhead showers as mine only had a bath tub. I will certainly wish to be back

Pleasant hotel with friendly staff, with the Musée vivant just around the corner. Lots of space. Breakfast is served on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. On the second floor an open air restaurant with sophisticated cuisine, European and Asian dishes. African food is served on the lake terrace.
Enjoyed it.

Very nice place, with beautiful garden and newly renovated hotels. I loved the room, with a located in a big garden. Was very pleased with the receptionist, readily to assist awitha smile the manager offered to take me around the town to visit. Good experience

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